A reverse osmosis filter works with the principle of reverse osmosis, wherein water under pressure is forced through a semi-permeable membrane which allows only the passage of water molecules and thereby filters the dissolved solids out. A reverse osmosis filter is often referred to as an RO unit. Wherein RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. The osmosis water which is obtained in this way is very pure water, which has been stripped of many solutes. Our reverse osmosis filters work on the water pressure in the water lines and only require power to be provided when using a booster pump. This makes the cost of osmosis water is very low. In this article, we will introduce you about every single part of the best reverse osmosis system

The membrane

Reverse osmosis membraanHet most important part of the reverse osmosis filter is the membrane. The membrane filter is the fact that the many dissolved substances in holding us tap water so that they flow away with the wastewater. The performance of an osmosis device is, therefore, directly related to the quality of the osmosis membrane which is used in the system. An osmosis apparatus is only as good as the layer with which it is equipped.

Most osmosis filters which are available in the market, are provided with a TFC (Thin Film Composite) membrane. This type of membrane was initially developed by NASA and has a superior purification and flow. The quality of osmosis membranes varies widely by manufacturer. Since the membrane is the most expensive part of a filter is osmosis, the lifetime of the diaphragm quality and the osmosis water during its life is of great importance. Since TFC membranes are sensitive to chlorine is always placed a carbon filter for the TFC membrane.

In many of the offered by us models osmosis filters, there is the option to opt for a TFC membrane of the American brand Filmtec. Filmtec is a leader in the field of osmosis membranes and has decades of experience with membrane technology has been perfected membranes during this time. Filmtec membranes are designed such that they have optimal balls between performance, reliability and cost. The automated manufacturing and advanced membrane technology which uses Filmtec ensure a stable and outstanding performance. If the highest purity is required you choose a membrane Filmtec with a yield of 190, 285 or 380 liters per day. We only deliver the latest models of specific membranes. For example, we use the Filmtec membrane with a yield of 380 liters (100 GPD) type TW30-1812-100HR, which gives an excellent cleaning. But the old model TW30-1812-100 has a very moderate purification and due to the long shutter which we offer not listed in our range of our products.

The charcoal filter

Charcoal filtered reverse osmosis filters almost all brands are equipped with a carbon filter. The charcoal filter is filled with activated carbon and removed, among other things, colorants, chlorine and various contaminants from the water supply. A carbon filter is a must if chlorinated tap water is used and the device is equipped with a TFC membrane. The charcoal filter is located to the osmosis membrane. There are in-line models, which are utilized in the compact reverse osmosis filters and larger patterns which are placed in a filter housing and have greater capacity. Of the carbon filters which are placed in a filter housing, there are two types. GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) carbon filter, which is also often referred to as a UDF filter has a large capacity but is never used as a final filter and always followed by a sediment filter or block carbon filter. Block carbon filter is higher quality and also holds small suspended particles against and can thus be used as a final filter. It is recommended that the carbon filters be replaced at least 1x per year to best protect the membrane.

The TDS meter

A TDS meter TDS meter is an essential tool to have in your home when you are working with an osmosis unit. Only by measuring the osmosis water you can determine whether the water is of sufficient quality and the unit is functioning properly. Also, the saturation of a DI-filter can be measured by a TDS meter.

Tips for buying essential oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids extracted from various plants. Contain aromatic compounds are therapeutically used in aromatherapy application as inhalations, massage baths. These oils can be obtained from different parts of the plant such as leaves, stems, seeds, flowers, roots and fruits. They also require specific treatment to handle and store. It is highly recommended to use with the essential oil diffuser. View now essential oil diffuser

  • Buy known and respected brands; there are always unscrupulous dilute the contents of the bottle compromising the integrity and effectiveness of the oils.
  • Not buy essential oils stored in plastic bottles or clear and the cap is of rubber. Oils degrade materials such as plastic and rubber and will damage the light.
  • Do not confuse delicious fragrances, luxurious perfumes and synthetic oils with essential oils. There are no substitutes for these, so do not let them try to sell one another. Additionally, some synthetic oils can create allergic reactions in some people.
  • There are synthetic essential oils such as strawberry, cucumber or lilac. Be careful with them.
  • Make sure that essential oils you buy have passed the test of purity. Place a drop of oil on a piece of paper, if it evaporates quickly are leaving a mark is a pure oil. If you leave a grease mark on paper, it is a sample that has been mixed with vegetable oil.
  • Smell the aroma before buying. A pure essential oil will have a strong aroma; dilute do not smell much.

How to store: Store your essential oils in a cool, dark, dry place. They must be sold in bottles of colored glass. The light and heat degrade the compounds of essential oils altering their effectiveness. Do not touch the underside of the lid or the edge of the bottle and your skin oils can affect essential oils. Some oils such as citrus varieties tend to rust because what you should store them in the refrigerator.

One of the biggest concerns among those new to the field of aromatherapy, which can distinguish essential oils are of excellent quality, and which artificial or wrong. For this very reason, they are well useful to have these tips:

  • Take into account three aspects: the aroma, the price, and the bottle.
  • Regarding the fragrance oil is used in aromatherapy that should smell equal to the part of the plant which has been extracted. For example, if you uncover a bottle of jasmine oil and smell, clearly we perceive the fragrance Bouncing jasmine flower (well known by most people). If we can not quickly associate the smell of jasmine, with lower, then we are faced with an adulterated oil.
  • The assessment we conducted through the price of essential oil we use in aromatherapy is very simple, but has nothing to do with the misconception of “a higher rate, more top quality.” In this case, what we are going to consider is whether all oils have the same value or depending on the type of oil, the cost varies. For example, we enter a nudist business and ask the seller the price of essential oil of rose, he looks at us and smiling indicates a value; We then asked for the crucial oil of fennel, and we answered the same value; and so on until the seller tells us that all fats are equal. Why should we be wary of the quality of these oils if that happens to us ?.
  • Because if the oils were natural, it would not be possible were worth the same, since not all plants are so accessible. There are some plants where the percentage of essence you get is very little, especially the rose, jasmine, lemon balm or Azahar. over 30 roses are needed to draw a drop of the essence, 1,000 kilos of jasmine flowers for a liter and 160 kilos of plant Melisa to achieve 10 ml of oil.
  • That is why we must tell you honestly that: buy essential oils is very expensive (a bottle of 10 ml of incense can swing the $ 60.). But there are alternatives: for example, buy essential oils diluted in a carrier and vegetable oil. In this case, as only a few drops of essential oil, then reducing costs are used in the preparation.
  • Bottle of essential oil that we buy should always be dark (generally brown or blue), this is because the oils are very volatile and evaporate easily upon contact with light.
  • Remember here also that a very nice bottle or decorated, does not mean that the quality of the content is good.
  • Perform all evaluations indicated and not be swayed only by the visual, which sometimes is so compelling.

Buying waffle iron? Tips

So you want to buy a waffle iron? Great idea, only sometimes it can be somewhat difficult to decide which waffle iron is well suited for you. There are, after all, waffle irons in all different types and sizes and with a lot of different settings. In this article, we will explain to you what to look for when purchasing the best waffle iron. Follow our tips below.

Shape of Waffles

If you opt for rectangular, round or maybe waffles in the form of heart? You can make waffles in the traditional rectangular shape, also called the Brussels waffles. Round waffles do it consistently right; the deluxe round Cloer waffle iron makes it always excellent here. Finally, of course, the hearts waffle irons fan-tas-tic. So you can go here for hearts waffles on a stick, but also for an average heart waffle iron.

Sunday morning breakfast in bed and your husband arrives with hearts waffles? Your day can not go wrong.

Number of Waffles

However, most roasters bake two waffles at a time; this varies by model. It is entirely possible that you, however, want to make more time. Which can! Some waffle irons fry 4 or 5 wafers at a time.

Temperature of waffle iron

Before you can use a waffle iron, the device must first be warm. Most waffle irons have an indicator for this. Important to know is whether you waffle iron has an adjustable thermostat. The thermostat regulates the temperature and with an adjustable thermostat, you decide yourself how hot you bake your waffles.


As a rule, the higher the ability of your waffle iron, the faster you can put your waffles on the table. So read the extra information as well after much power (= consumption), the waffle maker.


A waffle iron you have in different price ranges. We have divided our waffle irons between the budget waffle maker, basic waffle irons, deluxe waffle irons and professional roasters. The budget waffle irons are the best we have, and the waffle irons are often good example for students.

In basic waffle irons deliver you no quality and are affordable. This section contains waffle irons from 30 to 60 euros. Do you want high-quality wafers, like the Belgians, make them? Then you should go for a deluxe waffle iron. The last category we also have the professional waffle irons for when you want to go all out.

Other information for waffle iron

Some waffle irons are better equipped than others. Some things to look out for are:

  • Does the waffle anti-slip feet? With non-slip feet namely you have just a bit more security.
  • Which housing has the waffle iron? Some enclosures namely feel slightly firmer and provide more quality.
  • Is the waffle equipped with a non-stick coating? So you get at first tastier waffles, but also can clean the waffle maker a lot easier.

What can make you even more with your waffle iron?

I have a waffle maker. What now?

So you recently on a whim bought a waffle iron? Fantastic! Now you can make delicious waffles. Here on waffle shop, we have a lot of waffle recipes and tips for you to start. However, we sometimes get the question within what more can be made of a waffle iron? The answer is a lot!

What can you do with your waffle iron?

It is a pity that many people’s waffle iron is a long time in the cabinet, while the waffle iron is a device that you can use almost daily! In short, technically we are dealing with an ordinary waffle iron, but its handy device can do so much more.

Eggs, Brownies, Quesadillas, biscuits and omelets? There is no problem

And this is just the beginning. We use our waffle iron not just for waffle; we make many different things done with it too. There are as many kinds of waffles with your waffle iron, so much waffle recipes that you can try out. For us eggs still really recommended. Sliced banana or apple fry, but fragile, as they are warm and soft.

Hopefully, this article made it clear what to look for when buying a waffle iron. Good luck with your purchase and enjoy your meal!


Humidifier for Baby: how and why?

Baby can be very sensitive to dry air. Particularly, in a children’s room where the heater is on all day, little humidity can cause problems. What is the best humidifier for babies?

A humidifier for children

Does your child suffer from dry skin or a sore throat? Whether he or she has respiratory problems? It is possible to dry air which is in the bedroom at the cause of all these problems. But no worries, a humidifier brings counsel. Thanks to a humidifier for babies and children ensures that the humidity in the nursery, and even in the rest of the house is always optimal.

I thought that a baby humidifier should be not only practical and reliable but also fun. Therefore, there is a complete line of kids models on the market. There is, for example, girls like a Hello Kitty model, for boys a massive train. There are also gay bears that can regulate the humidity in the baby’s room.

Ventilation will not protect against an unhealthy air. The contaminants should be removed. This can be best done with an air purifier. These may be bacteria, fungi, germs and substances to 0.3-micrometer filter from the air. This ensures a proper air purification. The air is much cleaner, and that’s good for your health.

Reduce or prevent symptoms

Dry air can have adverse effects for infants and toddlers. For example, it can lead to flaking of the skin dry. Or irritation to dry lips. For colds is known that aggravated a little humidity complaints. A fresh, healthy air in the nursery is therefore of great importance.


Install a humidifier in your child’s bedroom is a very efficient way to secure fresh air. The device provides optimal humidity by spreading a light mist in the area. So you’ve never suffered from dry air. The big advantage? A humidifier reduces the risk of colds and other respiratory diseases considerably.

Several types of humidifiers are specially adapted to the baby or child’s room. But how do you choose the most appropriate device? We give you already some useful tips to make a right choice.

Humidifier for Baby?

Technically speaking, differences humidifiers for babies not of other wetting agents in the market. But at a children’s playful form indeed a welcome perk. You can use humidifiers for children ready on the Internet.


Before rushing to the store to buy a humidifier for babies or children, you should first consider what you are going to choose a device with hot steam or one with cold mist?

  • A humidifier with cold mist is an excellent way to purify the air in the nursery. Of course, it is important to empty the humidifier after each use and regular cleaning. This prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • Choosing a humidifier with hot steam choose hygiene. Thanks to this type of humidifier you win a lot of times, you indeed have the device less frequent cleaning. Because we work with heat, you should, however, take into account the risk of burns. It is imperative that the humidifier out of reach of your child’s condition. Fortunately, the manufacturers of these devices have also thought about safety. In modern humidifiers with hot steam, the heating element built in the middle of the instrument. You can not touch it directly, which increases safety sensitive. Even the system to open the device is protected.
  • In some humidifiers, it is possible to add essential oils. But be careful if you choose this type of humidifier: Never turn on the machine if your baby is nearby! Leave a humidifier with essential oils never more than 10 minutes to work in the nursery.


Some humidifiers have been developed specially for children. The humidifiers Hello Kitty, TRAINY, Mixy, Charly, and Lily, for example, designs for families who are looking for a customized humidifier in the child’s room. Thus helps the pure air from a humidifier for children your baby or child to breathe better, both night and day.

Another good tip: even if you use a humidifier, Ventilate your home regularly is necessary. So every day Put your windows open for ten minutes and enjoy healthy air throughout the house.


What size of lawnmower do you need? (Options include cutting gas, electric and manual push)

The size of lawnmower you should buy depends on some factors: the size of your yard, how fast the grass grows, the landscape, and even your physical abilities. Buy the right size prevents you should do too many laps in your yard and reduces the time you spend mowing the lawn. Lawnmowers vary in size and include cutting power to assemble and to push mowers. Lawn mowers usually last for years if they are cared for properly, so it is important to take the right decision for your needs. It is recommended to opt for the best self propelled lawn mower

The size of your yard

People who have small gardens do not need to buy an expensive or too large cutter if mowing does not take them long. Those with extensive gardens should consider a full cutter to avoid making many turns around the lawn. However, if you enjoy the outdoors and exercise become mowing on a large patio, a smaller cutter would not bother. People who have parks three-quarters of an acre (4046.85 meters square) or larger may find that using a cutter which can be fitted saves time and physical effort, according to Briggs & Stratton website.

The size of the lawn mower

The width of a lawn mower makes a big difference how many times you come and go throughout your park. The width can be from 16 inches (40.64 centimeters) or less, to 48 inches (121.92 cm). They vary by manufacturer and are an important factor when choosing the size of a cutter. If you buy a full cutter, it is often more practical also to have some automatic propulsion, since it requires less of your energy to push through the courtyard. Mowers you can hop usually have a width of at least 36 inches (91.44 cm).

Physical skills

If you are not in good physical shape, and you get tired quickly, self-propelled mower is usually the most practical option, even if you have a small yard, as suggested by the website Briggs & Stratton. The slopes in the parks are physically more challenging than those plains. For someone with little physical strength, self-propelled mower requires less effort to operate, as the mower moves alone without you having to push so hard. Another option is a cutter to which you can ride.

Lawn growth

The speed at which grows your lawn is another determining factor in cutting the size you choose. If the grass grows slowly, such as Zoysia grass, have a small cutter would not be an obstacle. Many laps around your park will not be as tiring if not accurate do once a week, or even more frequently. The weather in your area of the country is also a factor that influences the frequency with which you mow the lawn. Drought periods may cause the grass to dry and die, or periods of high humidity can accelerate its growth. If any of these conditions prevalent in your area, choose a cutter taking into account the frequency with which you should use.

Landscape considerations

A lawn mower smaller is most appropriate when there are many trees, shrubs or garden art in your park. It is less difficult to maneuver the machine through narrow spaces. The turning radius a cutter in which you can montage is another similar consideration. A smaller range of rotation allows you to manipulate the machine more quickly around these features of your park, according to the website About Lawns.

Important Tips Before mowing the lawn

One: Always carry a pair of pliers to cut the grass – While most of the cables to get tangled in your legs may be removed with a pair of tugs; a large proportion intertwines around your ankle bones in a way that no medical or physical can explain. With a handy set of tongs, you can cut the surplus. Excesses tend to catch on the gas pedal on the way to the emergency room.

Two: Recycle – Make sure you have the hospital staff return wires will once rinse your Achilles’ tendon. You can reuse it (the wire or the tendon) for the fence. No doubt this convenience was the reason why after 130 years of field landowners discarding litter in a way that looks sloppy.

Three: Remember the jam – When the mower follows coughing and spitting at each stop, or at any other time you want to hang the damn thing, push this lever. Does nothing. To make the device work sadist, put on gasoline

Buying Guide for guns

Hello, Guardians! It’s been several weeks since I came into our hands King of the Possessed and will be many who may have Hallmarks Legend to spare. As it has finished being stingy, so you spend those coins that you can always win them back. Today I bring you my recommendations of arms of the Tower, where you can spend those distinctive that you can spare and enjoy some hiding another gem, either PvE or PvP.

I also recommend which are the best advantages for each weapon. Let’s go there! Also, for the safety, I recommend the best gun safe



This rifle browser brings 3 of the best perks that can carry any weapon besides being a very balanced rifle, so rifles browser if you like, ye shall abide delighted with this gun. Personally, I have two versions of this weapon, so it ‘s obvious it is a beast. These are your advantages:

  • Crowd control.
  • Firefly.
  • Reactive recharge.

Automatic rifle

Automatic rifles have become with this expansion, and this version of the Vanguard brings a good range (for such weapons) in addition to the right advantages for this kind of weapons. The best perks it brings are:

  • Charger pen.
  • Instant/injector Molde
  • frantic appetite.

Look kilometric (sniper rifle).

Destiny has a lot of variety of enemies, especially enemies large with many points of life. To address these objectives better than anything a sniper rifle, and this, in particular, is one of the best. The advantages it brings resemble those that had the black hammer, so it is an ideal for managers such as the raid weapon, they need to exercise constant damage without hardly having to reload.

  • Triple impact.
  • Perfect balance.
  • Mulligan.

Conspiratorial theory-D (shotgun).

Shotguns have lost some strength with this new expansion but used correctly are still very reliable weapons. This brings a high impact weapon as well as a good range, so it is a perfect weapon for PvP. The version that sells not bring very reliable perks, but if you play another version (as a reward or engram), have this weapon into account. The park brings are:

  • Rescuing charger.
  • Lightweight.
  • Danger close.


Hand Cannon

The ironic hero is a fairly balanced handgun, perfect to remove areas filled with enemies, with advantages that will help us offset the scope (this was affected by the patch 2.0) while we have the radar always in sight.

  • Third Eye.
  • Surrounded.
  • Forging hammer.

Handsaw (pulse rifle).

No one doubts that the pulse rifles are now the kings of PvE and PvP. With patch 2.0, these weapons have gone up a notch reliability, and this version of the Crucible offers various advantages, to fit everyone’s taste. These are mine:

  • Large caliber ammunition.
  • Projectile secret.
  • Small caliber.

Pichon chaos (pistol)

With patch 2.0, guns have undergone a drastic change and now can be used fairly reliably. This version sells us the mayor of the crucible, brings advantages as mass control and frantic appetite, making a spectacular combo for this type of weapon.

  • Crowd control.
  • Frantic appetite.
  • Unsheathed fast.

Villainy (pulse rifle)

This pulse rifle conspicuous by its scope, adding rangefinder and the advantage Third Eye helps keep you alert if you have nearby enemies, so you can come on the movements of the enemy with radar always in view while aiming.

  • Rangefinder.
  • Small caliber.
  • Third Eye.

Vanity (hand cannon).

Firefly is one of the most desired in any hand cannon advantages and if you add luck in the bedroom, do this hand gun perfect mix between Predestination and Luna Falcon. It has a small charger, but will jump success in the bedroom more often.

  • Good luck in the bedroom.
  • Android oiling.
  • Firefly.

Vertigo (rocket launchers).

Vertigo has the best attributes of all the rocket launchers are sold and advantages as Javelin and Grenades and Horseshoes, make this weapon a perfect purchase for PvP.

  • Fast charge.
  • Pomegranates and horseshoes.
  • Javelin.
  • New monarchy.

Applicant III (hand cannon)

This barrel hand New monarchy will help keep you alive. You can get the more powerful sacrificing charger, but that I leave to your liking. Best advantages:

  • Helpless.
  • Expanded charger.
  • Life support.

Test load XI (shotgun).

The test weight is made to topple his lead quickly ultras automatic shooting. The new monarchy has always had real guns and, this version will not disappoint.

  • Automatic mode.
  • Reinforced Canyon.
  • Helpless.

Objection IV (machinegun).

At first, this weapon is well-balanced attributes. This is a perfect machine gun to ultras, Persistence, and benefits to increase stability or scope, will make those yellow bars enemies down quickly.

  • Counterweight.
  • Reinforced Canyon.
  • Persistence.
  • Dead orbit.

Paleocontact JPK-43 (automatic rifle).

This automatic rifle comes with advantages that will help us further increase the scope of this weapon, which will make it an ideal place for PvE and PvP prototype.

  • Rangefinder.
  • Reinforced Canyon.
  • Third Eye.

Hung jury SR4 (rifle browser).

With a good range, stability and recharge, this rifle browser is one of the best attributes has the rifles Year 2. Also, Firefly and Helpless will make this weapon is valid for PvE and PvP.

  • Triple impact.
  • Handmade head.
  • Firefly / Underdog.

Hitchhiker FR4 (fusil fusion).

With a significant impact and benefits to help you get your life if you’re hurt, this merger will rifle great performances in game modes like raids.

  • Danger close.
  • Accelerated coils.
  • Life support.

I hope you have enjoyed my recommendations weapons. Personally, I am enjoying many of them in different game modes, and guns are valid for any task that ye do. also, remind you that you can infusion areas with superior weapons and be as good as the weapons of the raid or exceptional.

5 tips for buying headphone

Tips to find best earbuds under 100:

# 1 What kind of speakers are there in headphones?

A headset has in most cases, one speaker (in English: driver) per ear, but there are also models that use a two-way system just like ordinary speakers. Are widely used for speakers three loudspeaker techniques at this time.

1. Dynamic Driver: this is the most common

2. Electrostatic Driver: rarer and more expensive, but gives a very detailed sound. This technique is only used in systems with carrying handles and requires an individual matching amplifier power.

3. Balanced driver: A unique method is ideal for in-ear systems.

# 2 What is noise canceling headphones on?

Noise canceling, also known as noise reduction, is a technology that allows you while listening are much less affected by ambient noise. Think of a noisy train compartment, the cabin in an airplane or on a busy office: you hear a lot of noise, and that does not make the listening experience better. Many people put volume than extra hard, but that’s bad for your hearing. Noise canceling is not necessary: the sounds from outside are reduced, allowing you to listen to favorite music at a moderate volume to you.

How does noise canceling?

A headset that features active noise canceling has a built-in microphone detects the ambient noise. With some headsets, this is on the outside of the earpad (and thus detects all of the ambient noise), in other models, it is on the inside. Those standards, the sound, is measured to be seeping into the interior of the earpad. Thus, more precisely the ‘polluting’ sounds are detected. The disturbing noise is then filtered very carefully, making you almost can not hear. There are headphones that can remove up to 95 percent of ambient noise.

Noise isolation

Some headphones are equipped with passive noise canceling. These filter out the noise but just close your ears well. A better name for this is, therefore, noise isolation. This approach is, in fact, similar to the hearing protection used in the industry.

# 3 What connections have headphones?

A small or a large plug the base. Most headphones have a small 3.5 mm (Jack) which you can connect directly to the output of an MP3 player, phone or tablet. In more expensive models is usually also an adapter to 6.3 mm jack plug supplied which is suitable for large amplifiers. For large circumaural headphones, the cable often nice long (3 meters) so you have some freedom of movement and can sometimes be easy to replace the cable with a new one. At supra-aural headphones, the cable is usually shorter and therefore more suitable for use on the move. Earbuds and in-ear models come with a short cable with small plug.

The cable is the most vulnerable part of headphones, so go carefully. Roll the cable neatly and gag him so not just in your pocket. Is the cable broken, he is usually beyond repair and have to replace the entire headset. There are also wireless headphones on the market. A wireless headset gives you more freedom of movement.

# 4 What are the options for a wireless connection to a headset?

This kind of models is nowadays still only little on the market. The main drawback is that the headphones like a TV remote control must be the transmitter module in sight. Is there something in the way the sound drops out.

  • Wireless headphones using infrared: should be in the field of view of the recipient. Otherwise, you have no signal.
  • Wireless headphones via Bluetooth: These models via BlueTooth connection to your smartphone or tablet. The sound quality is dependent on the BlueTooth protocol. Apt-X is the protocol if the quality is important to you.
  • Wireless headphones via radio signal: This technique can only really see at circumaural and supra-aural models. However, the method is very reliable and of high quality. On some models, the distance between the transmitter and headset may be even 100 meters.
  • Wireless headphones via transmitter: An example of a wireless headphone transmitter

# 5 Are headphones to headset function for sale?

Many people now use their mobile phone as a music source for the move. It’s handy that you can easily take a phone call. Several headphone manufacturers have therefore models with a headset function. The cable is then a microphone where you can talk and a remote control that lets you record. The conversation you hear through the headphones. You will not miss calls because your smartphone should fish out of your pocket and have to take off your headphones.